Mayweather vs Marquez: New Fight Schedule

Tuesday, June 30, 2009 · 2 comments

Subsequent to the disappointment of many after having to announce the controversial postponement of the Mayweather vs Marquez fight last July 18, 2009 because of the rib injury suffered by Floyd during his training session. Many have reacted because this is not what they expect to happen in the middle of the schedule.

This will create issues later much more than to what we expect. Others sources said that it was really to expect because the fight is not selling tickets and MGM is aware of it. Almost all of the promotions I guess should sell tickets well and if not, then I guess any adjustment should take place. But this is only speculations and I hope this is not true since this will just build uncertainty where fans should believe.

This is the beginning of having to wait for this fight for this is very spectacular since both fighters where also good. But this fight must end as a huge one to match the winning moments of Pacquiao. If they wont beat what has been watched by others before then these fighters again have no chance of gaining much respect to face Pacman.

Lakers survive overtime against Magic, take 2-0 lead

Monday, June 8, 2009 · 0 comments

Lakers once again dominated the game on their game 2 againts the visiting Orlando Magic on their overtime match up. Kobe Bryant and the rest of the team scored 101 against 96 of Orlando.

The end of the 4th period was crucial then with .6 second left on the time clock with 88-88 on the score board, game ball by Orlando. Courtney Lee missed the lay up with the beautiful play set up by the team coach of the Magic. Howard followed up the missed shot but no time is remaining to validate the dunk.

The 5 minutes extension put up the lakers to a 101-96 lead to win game 2 on their home court. Next on game 3; July 9, 9:00pm E.T. at the court of Orlando magic.

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L.A. Lakers lead 1-0 against Orlando Magic

Friday, June 5, 2009 · 0 comments

lakers vs magicLakers took the lead, one to nothing, against the Orlando Magic. During the first quarter, Magic has a close game against the team of Phil Jackson. Kobe Bryant is off to a good start in his quest to lead the team, scoring a personal NBA Finals-high 40 points with eight assists and eight rebounds, as the L.A. Lakers procured domination before halftime and never look back in a 100-75 victory over Orlando in a previously exciting Game 1.

Plus the factors that Kobe’s team mates Pau Gasol added 16 points with eight rebounds, Lamar Odom notched a double- double with 11 points and 14 rebounds and Andrew Bynum donated nine points and nine rebounds for the Lakers. Both teams started hot from the floor from exchanging mid points to score more in favor of their teams.

Kobe spent the early segment of fourth quarter with a towel over his shoulders on the bench, watching the his teammates Shannon Brown and Luke Walton take it home in a reverberating Game 1 victory. He re-entered with about five minutes left and Los Angeles holding a 20-plus point. The game finished with a 100-75 lead against the Orlando magic.

Game 2 will be held on June 7, Sunday 8:00pm E.T. (June 8 Manila Time). Stay connected for this post will be updated on where to watch it on live streaming video.

Update: Lakers wins over orlando Magic 101-96. Kobe Bryant and the rest of the team did it once again. Game 3 is on June 9 at 9:00pm E.T. Stay connected one more time for the links on where to watch LA Lakers vs Orlando Magic Game 3.

[Game 3: watch it Live!]