Another week for Hectic Capiznon Blogger

Thursday, February 19, 2009 ·

Whoa! Another week has gone by yet I can’t imagine and figure out what is happening to my entry. Plus the event that my laptop gone so badly because I can’t see anything on my desktop. I thought it was the whole system that went wrong (e.g. OS and Hardware). I have been offline for five days and I cannot update my blog knowing that I don’t have extra PC at home. Good to know that it is only the LCD of my laptop that need to be replaced. Is it really good to know? I suppose it will cost me something or everything in my savings. I don’t think I can buy some replacement of it in my place. I have to search through online stores if any is available. Or the easiest cure is to buy and attach a separate monitor to continue what I am doing on optimizing my blogs and get connected with my fellows. But I guess this is not the best idea.

This occurrence with my PC has brought me some worries now on how to keep me going with this Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009 challenge which is on a tougher part now since there are a lot of masters and more experienced participants are now getting on top. If you are an experienced one, then probably you will surely get on top. I hope that my notebook computer will be soon fixed so that a beginner like me can still pursue what I have been started because being on the list of the top ranking entrants adds a strong point to keep on going but is not really an ultimate goal. A consolation maybe or shall I say my extra bonus on joining this contest? Well, learning a lot of stuffs when it comes to making it on top is my extreme goal. Because there are a lot of opportunities waiting for an experienced SE Optimizer who can help other sites and companies rank their sites to have them on the go and raise their sales.

Just wanna show some appreciations to those participants who are very friendly and helpful to other bloggers including me for the bits of advices and tips they are rendering into their blog and comments. But let us make it a friendly contest and stop nonsense arguments amongst participants. Let us do our jobs and continue to promote Capiz as Hectic Bloggers this 2009.


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