Watch Hopkins vs Jones 2 The Rivals

Sunday, April 4, 2010 ·

Update: Bernard Hopkins wins in a unanimous decision

Fights like what we will see on the May 1st, Mayweather vs Mosley, should be watched and should not be missed out. The Hopkins vs Jones 2 fight will be a glimpse that have come into reality. Although they have fought its other 17 years ago in not so intriguing fight, this upcoming bout on their next meeting may joy and satisfaction to boxing fans.

Why Fans should ask for this fun and entertaining fight? They should since this fight costs like a Champion versus the great contender or challenger. But hey, although they are all both aging, they were former great at their prime. But who will watch this fight anyways? Those who have witnessed their first fight before or the younger generation of today's world?

But whatever controversy we will have here will not help for the promotion at all since it is now happening and the action is going to be witnessed. Watch Hopkins vs Jones 2 Fight Online and join those aficionados who will make it on the arena and to those who watch it on PPV.

The Hopkins vs Jones 2 Fight may once more bring its previous clash...17 years ago!


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