Supernatural Season 6 Episode 8: All Dogs Go to Heaven

Thursday, November 11, 2010 ·

It’s a dog thing! Watch Supernatural Season 6 Episode 8 online and witness another one of a kind drama and adventure that the Winchester brother’s newest mission would be bringing. We've seen lots of creepy things and paranormal case before and now that Sam and Dean discovered the Alpha skinwalker’s plan which is to create sleeper cells of his kind and turn them loose upon humanity they are ready to make a move in order to stop a mass murders.

Now Sam and Dean comes for another case which I called all about dogs, preferably this episode is just like Twilight movie as we all know, the said movie surrounds the life of werewolves and vampires plus some facts about how they fit it to humans. Well, the said movie have lots of twists or something but lots of movie lovers like it. As Supernatural is set to release their newest episode which will show Dean and Sam investigating what appears to be a werewolf killing, I'm sure that you guys are thinking and wondering how Sam and Dean can solve this mystery now that something is not right at Sam. In the previous episode the brothers have no choice to follow Crowley's orders but as they were about to face another mystery can Crowley help them solve it?

Witness another one of a kind demon hunting adventure of the US drama-horror TV series that follows the Winchester brothers. Watch Supernatural Season 6 Episode 8: All Dogs Go to Heaven Friday night at 9 PM ET at CW.


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