The Dilemma Movie

Tuesday, December 28, 2010 ·

Watch The Dilemma Movie Online - Everybody has its dilemma and every day we face a lot of it but can you ever imagine having yourself being stocked into something to be able not to hurt your best buddy's feeling and somehow you can say that your making yourself suffer. Watch The Dilemma online and witness what a friend can do just to protect his best friend. The said film is set to be out on theaters this January 14, 2011, a comedy movie where in movie lovers are looking for. This film got a typical story of a man facing a so called dilemma as he witness the wife of his best friend and business partner having an affair with another man.

Knowing his friend will be very hurt with his discovery, Ronny is now battling whether to tell his best friend the truth or not. Ronny made it his responsibility to know the truth so he started investigating Nick’s wife. An amateur in investigating, his attempts were hilarious. There were several discoveries in the process and Nick’s secrets were uncovered. As the day nears for them to do their presentation, Ronny had to make a decision whether to tell Nick of his discovery or not.

This film brings lots of intrigue and controversy as it was also happened in the real life but take note, it’s surely one of the best films this year 2011. Watch The Dilemma Online and feel the sincerity of ones friend. 


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