WatchJersey Shore Season 3 Episode 8 : The Great Depression Online

Thursday, February 17, 2011 ·

Celebration of the day of hearts has just ceased and it created a lot of affectionate happenings to lovers all over the world. But Jersey Shore will not ride on with its merriment.

We have seen last week on Jersey Shore Season 3 Episode 7 how Sammi and Ronnie got messed up with their emotions. It was not just a simple argument since housemates sensed it as they are having physical dispute. Wrecking the whole room, throwing Sammi’s belongings into the veranda and a lot more are not just a usual and simple disagreement. Lot of tensions between the two of them made the housemates to convince Sammi to get out of the fire for a while. But Ronnie was so optimistic to follow his bursting emotions.

Things got even worst when Ronnie went home from the club just to destroy all Sammi’s belongings. The mess was just a cause why Sammi call a cab and said goodbye to all the housemates because she pity herself believing that she don’t deserved it.
A week has passed and now Jersey Shore Season 3 Episode 8 will give us more complex episode as Ronnie is suffering from an emotional wreck subsequent to Sammi’s exit from the shore. Ronnie is also thinking to also leave the house because he feels that he has no friends left in the house knowing that the housemates are on Sammi’s side.

Don’t let “The Great Depression” episode to pass and never fail to watch it this February 17, 2011 to be updated with the updates. Give also your sides and feel it like you were also there, sharing the emotions full of desperation.


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