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Sunday, April 24, 2011 ·

Watch Pacquiao vs Mosley Live - One 32-year old fighter, a native of Saranggani Province and a congressman, versus a 40-year old three-division champ, this is the Pacquiao vs Mosley fight!

Who do you think will put up solid rounds and win via unanimous decision when Manny Pacquiao stands up face to face against Sugar Shane Mosley in a one-of-a-kind battle of the boxing titans making a tug-of-war for the WBO welterweight title at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas Nevada?

People say that Pacquiao will have to risk attacking his opponent on a hazy, dizzying pace. That’s when he gets comfy after a thorough-read on Sugar and starts serving his vaunted mix.

Shane Mosley or anyone who gets lucky to get his way in ground zero (the ring) must definitely run for cover somewhere else or bear the consequences that will bring about shock and a hefty sum of stress; it’s not funny.

let us bear in mind that Manny Pacquiao has always been a bankable boxer who has a huge army of fans, and even metal, hardcore believers who are voraciously loud in their support whenever he fights against hall of famers lined up for him.

As far as I’m concerned, in the rigid leg of their training and bootcamp, both the two boxers have been resilient and compliant to their trainers’ words, never for once deviating or relaxing on the rigorous workouts exacted on their regimen.

Will Shane Mosley go after the Pinoy hero with same passion and ferocity as was evident in his younger days?

Just a word of advice for Shane, he should watch his words, and the split-sting of his tongue, or he might end up choking on them in the end. Anyway, Mann’s squadron of spar mates include Shawn Porter who recently backed out after he got knocked off by the boxing champ, Rashad Holloway, Michael Medina, and another one coming is the spirited bunch of Julian Santos Chua from the Baku tryouts who’s seeking for a slot in the PHL contingent to the London 2012 Games. Don't dare to miss watching Pacquiao vs Mosley fight on May, 7, 2011 live on Showtime PPV.


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