Season of the Witch Movie

Wednesday, December 29, 2010 ·

Season of the Witch is an upcoming fantasy thriller film that stars Nicolas Cage. The movie is set for release on January 7, 2011. Another big time movie of this guy who also starred at the Sorcerer’s Apprentice which was also a great movie about sorcery.

Don’t forget to watch this movie and start your 2011 with Magic. Is it really the season for the witch? Maybe you should truly watch the full movie to truly understand the real story and the true essence of this movie.

We all knew that Life is full of challenges. Now, you’re doing great. The next day, you’ll find yourself suffering from a strange disease which you don’t’ know how to cure. Life is really full of mysteries that made the earth so perfect. Watch Season of the Witch at Online if you cant watch it on big screen. Be there when the season is full of surprises and magic. Be one of the witches.

"As the Black Plague rages across 14th century Europe, one brave knight Lavey (Nicolas Cage), is tasked with transporting a girl (Claire Foy) suspected of being the witch who caused the pandemic to trial. Believing she is wrongly accused, Lavey and a group of wary followers fight through a mystical and treacherous landscape to a hallowed place where her innocence can be proved and Europe's curse can be lifted. Unbeknownst to Lavey, even darker forces await them..." (Source: Shock Till You Drop)


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