Chuck Season 4 Episode 11: Chuck Versus The Balcony

Sunday, January 16, 2011 ·

The world's nerdiest secret agent is back! Catch the eleventh episode of Chuck entitled as "Chuck Versus the Balcony", after taking a month and a half break the whole casts and production of Chuck are coming with their latest episode which will surely make you guys laugh and amaze with its action jammed packed episodes. Chuck Bartowski will once again make your Monday night a more entertaining as ever. After Chuck mother comes over for "Thanksgiving leftovers" dinner the day after the holiday. Chuck is the ultimate man of mystery and it seemed that die hard fans of the series prefer Chuck as living superhero.

In Chuck Season 4 Episode 11, Chuck tries to make a romantic getaway for Sarah while tracking down a nano-chip at a French vineyard, Meanwhile Lester asks Big Mike for love advice. Chuck Versus the Balcony is the eleventh episode of the fourth season of Chuck and set to hit your television screens in the January 17 in NBC Network at 8/7c timeslot.

Its been a long time since we Chuck, the super spy in his first ever mission and now that we are about to witness its newest episode I’m sure that you’re all looking forward to see more action moments and obvious with a little touch of drama and comedy. Watch Chuck Season 4 Episode 11: Chuck Versus The Balcony online and be a part of the geeky television series that we all love.


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