Where to Watch Spartacus Gods of the Arena Season 1 Episode 2: Missio online?

Saturday, January 29, 2011 ·

Live and fight as if there’s no tomorrow. This is the life of gladiators who are destined to be a slave by those who have power. But did they ever complain? It seems those muscles head man embrace the reality and never gives a stand to change what is written. Spartacus Gods of the Arena is a television series which shows no limit and no mercy when it comes to fighting and ruling. The series is a prequel to Spartacus: Blood and Sand which was air last April 16, 2010.

It was said that the previous Spartacus was successful and here comes another Spartacus mini-series that will hit the crowd with lots of surprises also. Last week, the first episode started gaining the respect of its viewers. We witness how Young Batiatus tried to make his father proud and even select his most skilled gladiator to win favor of magistrate Sextus. He’s in the hurry for something, and that is to top what his father already did.

This week, his voyage continues on Spartacus Gods of the Arena Season 1 Episode 2: Missio which will be airing on January 28, 2011. This is our next attraction because the real fight is about to happen. The series began as Oenamus claims to win back his title as the greatest battler in the gladiator game and in order to regain the prestige he once has. He has to fight and die for it. Aside from it, Batiatus conjures up a devious plan and enlists Lucretia, Gaia and a clutch of gladiator recruits to see it through.

Arena decides if gladiators live or not. This is the place where pain happen and even death. Watch Spartacus Gods of the Arena Season 1 Episode 2: Missio online FREE NO SURVEYS for a pack of action and see who will stand in the end.

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