Unholy Alliance - Watch V Season 2 Episode 4 Online

Thursday, January 27, 2011 ·

As we go through the next episode night of sci-fi series this February 1, 2011, we have to Watch V Season 2 Episode 4 online and see how Erica will go after the leader of the radical faction of the Fifth Column when they crushed three of Peace Ambassadors. Priests all around the globe will hold up against these Visitors although they keep on their stand that they come in peace.

Last week on V Season 2 Episode 3, Erica learned that her partner, Malik, is a Visitor, and must move aggressively and run for her life to close down Anna from knowing that she’s a Fifth Column. Anna as well as find out that Malik is missing and shoots orders to Ryan to find her. Liza also realized that her body revolutionizes and gradually becoming more and more like her mom.

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