Smallville Season 10 Episode 12

Sunday, January 16, 2011 ·

We are now down to the twelfth episode of Smallville, catch the Collateral episode of the series that will show Allison Mack return as Chloe Sullivan along with John Glover as Lionel Luthor. Taking a small glimpse of last week’s episode, the VRA is in full effect and things take an unfortunate turn of events after the Green Arrow tries to stop a mugging but is attacked by citizens for being a super hero. Clark discovers that the civilians who attacked Oliver were all marked with a darkness tattoo. Carter Hall and Star Girl return to help Clark deal with Slade’s re-emergence after he kidnaps Lois.

This coming January 28th, watch Smallville Season 10 Episode 12: Collateral online and witness how Clark loses his powers. Take a look in the in the brand new episode of the series and witness how the journey of our greatest superhero being affected by losing his powers. Smallville returns Friday, Jan 28, followed by the newest episode of Supernatural Season 6.

Don’t dare to miss the Smallville Season 10 Episode 12 and witness the thrill, excitement and drama as Clark Kent continue in his journey of becoming the world’s greatest superhero.


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